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Lower Valdelia Eco-contributions for the Second Year Running

Valdelia, the eco-agency dedicated to recycling professional furniture waste, is lowering its eco-contribution charges by 10% for 2016. This reduction, which will primarily benefit buyers of new professional furniture, is due to a significant increase in the tonnage of used furniture collected and to the streamlining of the BtoB collection and recycling activity.

The reduction in the eco-contribution scale of charges applied to professional furniture for 2016 results:

  • from a constantly increasing volume of furniture to be processed, which benefits the amortisation of the industrial facility set up by Valdelia.
  • from efficiency gains achieved in the process. Across France, 300 collection operators and 62 processing centres, partners of Valdelia, are concentrating their efforts on improving the sector’s productivity.

Applicable from 1 January 2016, the new scale of charges for the eco-contribution has been decided by Valdelia’s Board of Directors. It has received the approval of the signatory accrediting ministries. The scales of charges for the service are calculated according to the furniture item’s category and sub-category (seating, storage, work surfaces, other surfaces, etc.), main material (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) and weight. Thus, the amount of eco-contribution is calculated per kilogram of furniture to be processed.

The eco-contribution is charged to professionals on any purchase of new furniture that has been put on the market in France since 1 May 2013. It finances the facilities needed for collecting, re-using and recycling thousands of tonnes of discarded professional furniture every year. The eco-contribution must be added to the sale price, is subject to VAT and is not eligible for any reduction or commercial discount. It must appear separately on invoices and be passed on without modification to the end-customer.

“With the partners that make up our sector, we share a common ambition: to offer the best furniture waste collection and recycling service at the fairest price. That is why we are constantly working to make our activity more efficient and productive for the benefit of the environment, employment and our country’s economy,” explained Arnaud Humbert-Droz, CEO of Valdelia.

To view the 2016 scale of charges of the eco-contribution for the professional furniture waste disposal sector.

About Valdelia

Valdelia is a non-profit simplified joint stock company (SAS) founded in 2011 by 13 companies specializing in the manufacture of professional furniture in order to set up a joint service for the management of professional furniture waste (DEA*).
Valdelia was approved by the authorities on December 31, 2012 for the management of professional furniture waste pursuant to decree no. 2012-22 dated January 6, 2012.

Our services

Valdelia supplies professional furniture marketers with a shared, turnkey solution enabling them to meet new regulatory obligations for furniture waste management.


For more information, you are welcome to download the attached leaflet : Valdelia_Guide.

Valdelia gains a series of new CSR certifications

Valdelia has recently obtained triple ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and RSE 26001 (CSR) certification and has also been assessed against the ISO 26000 CSR standard. In this way, the eco-organisation is asserting its intention to place social responsibility at the core of its identity, modes of governance and management.

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